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Default Re: Hard drive life/reliability?

Originally Posted by Vanzagar View Post
Thanks nekrosoft13, gave that one a try, I was expecting it to do more reading and writing, sure comes up quick with a healthy status...

I would actually like something really thorough, that checks and scans the whole drive... anything out there that reads and writes to validate every aspect of a drive (sectors or bits or whatever they call it)... I wouldn't mind leaving it running overnight

I'd just be running it once on 3 drives then picking the best drive and closing up the computer and shelving the other 2 drives...



ps. Didn't get a chance to try those Redeemed, will give it a shot tonight after work, thanks...
The Western Digital Data Lifeguard diagnostics has a good test for bad clusters. It also does the standard SMART tests that most of these programs do.
Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle down, until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on...
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