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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

Launching the GTX560Ti refresh in Q1 and the GTX580Ti refresh in Q2 probably makes more sense than the other way around. The $300 market is a LOT bigger than the $500 market.

It's also possible the 104 chips will be close enough to the 7970s that people just opt for them to get NVIDIA's superior drivers. ATi has shown us many times people will buy a cheaper card with 85-90% of the performance, NVIDIA has shown us many times people will pay for their brand name.

If this NordicHardware article is true, the 7970's alleged "first to market" strategy may well be rendered largely irrelevant.

The article you linked clearly states that the GK 100 is the one that's really intended to take on the HD7900 series and that's only showing up in Q2, so how does a GK 104, even assuming it's faster than the current GTX580, stand a chance to "hold the fort" against the HD7970 cards, when the single GPU 7970 are rumored to be as fast as the HD6990/GTX590 cards anyhow.

That GK 104 would need a massive speed increase over the current GPU powering up the GTX560 cards, and you can be sure once they are eventually released, Nvidia wouldn't sell them for 300$ either, and i'm not even mentioning the HD7990 Dual Gpu version due in march, and now long it'll take Nvidia to make a dual kepler GK100 GPU card to compete with that...
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