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The NVIDIA installer aims to be distribution independent, it doesn't make sense for it to know about or attempt to uninstall distribution specific packages (RedHat/Fedora is a popular distribution, but doesn't qualify as a synonym for "the GNU/Linux operating system", nor does its installation mechanism represent the defacto operating system standard). The current nvidia-installer release does investigate and remove conflicting files from /usr/X11R6/lib/tls; earlier releases likely didn't since this installation location ignores and is in conflict with the Linux OpenGL ABI ( Contrary to Mike's statement, nvidia-installer is an open-source ( application; developers external to NVIDIA could improve the application and submit patches, were they so inclined. Source RPMs are also available and can be used to build distribution specific packages (SuSE Linux builds and provides such packages). If RedHat had chosen to do so, it could have solved the problems described in the bug report.
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