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So, after reading a couple threads on this site pertaining to the newest driver "5328" it is my assumption that if you have kernel 2.6 and/or AGP, those 2 things just don't get along with the latest driver. I also, seem to notice that it is not good to have an AMD processor?? That sux, because I had planned to get a newer mobo with an AMD chip. But, since I have an old GeForce 2 FX400 PCI I am guessing that I should be OK to load this driver?? I mean I downloaded it last nite (12/24) but decided to wait until today to read the posts relating to it before I put it in my system. So far it don't look good; unless someone with a PCI card running Kernel 2.4.x can tell me that they are flying high with this new driver. Let me know.

I have a Tyan Trinity 400 mobo, Mandrake 9.1 PP, 600mhz processor, and 576 megs of ramola.

Later. Pepse.

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