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Default Re: Graphics or Gameplay?

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I'm here.

I just think it's hilarious that everyone has said "Oh gameplay of course!" but then you look at the official game threads and it's 90% tweaks/graphic mods/AA/AF and more graphic crap, then of course a boatload of "console blame".
It's because we also enjoy to tweak/mod our games. Doesn't mean that is the only thing someone cares about. If you can get better IQ for free why not? There's not much you can discuss gameplay wise without spoiling the story for other people. Pretty much just say if it's good or bad. Graphics on the other hand you can tweak and discuss non stop.

That's the great thing about the PC scene is the community. Be it just the other people on here, or the people making mods for your favorite game. You can't find that on any other platform.
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