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Default Re: Inject SMAA - better than FXAA still 0 performance hit.

Hmm this could be interesting...

@slaWter: Yea sometimes MLAA can be a bit overkill and blur things you don't want it too. It is especially bad about text and making it harder to read. From what I've seen so far FXAA doesn't necessarly blur the textures when you're looking up close to them, but I'm guessing they have softer edges that people aren't as used to so it appears blurry. There was a good write up from [H] talking about it. As far as I know text isn't really affected like it is with MLAA.

I'd guess that SMAA just tweaks some of the algorithms to keep the edges sharper making it perceivably better than FXAA. I'd have to guess that FXAA or MLAA could do the same thing with some more tweaking.

If anyone still has Test Drive Unlimited installed I wouldn't mind giving this a go. I tried that game with MLAA but it still didn't seem to fix the jaggies on the rails and the edges of the road. Would love to find an AA method that actually works on that game.
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