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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by i SPY View Post
Yes physx is robust at crippling raw gpu efficiency. Very clever, tell those nv devs to wake up already.
Also why would they give your NBC gaming section big bucks, are you planing to make some "blockbuster" game with physx? heh i thought so.
NBC Universal my man, lots of games come out based on movies

And AMD is doing nv's homework with its unified core, so those 24 compute processors or compute units are same sheit when it comes to compute capable apps.
Right can you give me some proof of that?

Also you can never have enough ROPs. Both pixel and texture fillrate are still too low, i saw that on a OC'ed 570gtx at low reso. At Least 50Gpixel and +70gtexel (nv fillrates) is needed for super smooth 60fps+high aa at 1080P. This includes 5year old Crysis 1.

Hmm you really should look at what is holding Crysis 1 back, its not the GPU
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