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Originally posted by zander
You misunderstood; 1.0-5328 may cause an Oops on X server startup on some Via chipsets - the problem is neither specific to Linux 2.6, nor to AGP or even to AMD processors.
it causes ooops on, at least, VIA KT333 (I have an Asus K7V333) but I've seen some even on Intel SE7505VB2 with both Quadro FX1000 and GF FX5600.

Concerning kernel 2.6, I'm unsure. I'm running 2.4.21-99-athlon, that's the default kernel that comes with SuSE 9.0, and had the ooops. But I've read somewhere that SuSE put 2.6 components in their 2.4 kernel as well for release 9.0. So it seems there is 2.6 in my 2.4...

AGP may not be the cause but it's definitely the symptom!

I agree that the AMD CPU hasn't to do with this. I had the ooops with Xeons as well.
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