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Default Re: bug in nvidia driver for geforce GT520

I uploaded a short clip "GT520_green_artifacts.MOV" taken with my iPhone.

Problem is, i cannot say, when this happens. My test movie, which i uploaded earlier, was working 4 of 5 times. Between take 4 and 5 i watched some Live TV. So because of this i think its a buffer issue, but i dont know. Also tried different deinterlacing methods, but everything the same.

The video is taken from my HTPC. I run VDR as software to view Live TV and record movies with a digital TV card, output over GT520 with VDPAU. With my GT220 i never had this problems. Same happens when i try to play this TV channel via XBMC. So I and the other people with this issue think, that it must be a VDPAU issue. Without VDPAU it is working.

Has this problem something to do with the qvdpautest-problem? Why are there just 4 frames/s displayed?

H264 DECODING (1920x1080): 4 frames/s
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