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I have a gf3 and everyone calls me Albert ( in a relative way ) As I said earlier I want a card to play gomes on without feeling tempted to volt mod it and rip the cooling off, also a backup. I want to hack my 4800SE which is doing that roll at the moment.

Seems a nice card, it does 500/1070 or so without anything doing to it. I shall use it at 475/1000 for games and see how it goes.

I have been playing SOF2 today, not one of the most up to date games of course, but this along with RTCW are what I normally play when I am not doing RTS or Civ2. Won't be cpu limited anyhow. It's been pretty good actually. At 1280x1024 and 2AA /8AF it ranged 55-70 fps in FRAPS going down to 45fps occasionally. With the GF4 I always played 1024x768 with no AA/AF and it did similar fps. The game is looking a bit old now though

Downloading Unreall II demo to give it more of a workout. Guess I'll be back to 1024x768

Did a bit of 3dmark .. 19.5k in 01 and 5900 in 03, not too shabby. It does tend to downclock itself though showing it gets a bit flustered when at 500Mhz.

Hope you are having a good Xmas all ! Here's a festive smilie


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