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Default Re: What's up with Intel going back to dual channel memory?

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Sandy bridge has way more memory bandwidth than nehalem.
Hmm, well the 25% figured I saw was this:

Originally Posted by Bit Tech
Triple-channel Nehalem CPUs still provides around 25 per cent more throughput than Sandy Bridge, and the new CPU needs to scale all the way to 2,133MHz in order to exceed Nehalem's 1,600MHz figure.
Given the figures you posted I'm not sure what bit tech is talking about here. Also I have yet to figure out how SB is running more bandwidth than Nehalem in the guru3d test considering they're only using 1600MHz memory with the SB rig, which I assume is what their Nehalem rig is also using.

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Who really cares if it has less of something if it still performs better.
You have a problem with somebody trying to understanding the reasons why it does or does not perform better? You might enjoy just not worrying about it and remaining ignorant of such things, but I generally like to understand those things when looking at a new system.
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