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Default What should I buy/play next?

I like to play 2 games at a time, I learned limiting myself to two at a time until one is finished - I play and beat more games that way. There was a time I would buy everything in sight and never finish anything I purchased.

So my new rule is two games, alternate between both so if one is in a boring spot or I'm just not feeling it, I have a second one. I beat Serious Sam 3, Battlefield 3 and decided Crysis 2 just isn't for me after running through about 40% of the game.

So, I purchased The Witcher 2 off steam yesterday for $23.99! Mid-week sale special. I figure this should suck up a lot of time, but I'd like something else to play with it, per my 2 game at a time rule, and probably something like a shooter to change this up from the rpg.

So, that being said, my options are: Rage, Batman Arkham City, or Hard Reset.

I hear Rage is a consolitis mess with horrible textures and boring game play.

Batman Arkham City seems like a great game in dx9 with tons of physx but is a fuster cluck when dx11 is enabled. I've read dx11 doesn't change much, but it irks me that my dx11 capable hardware wouldn't be able to fully take advantage of the game.

I've heard little to nothing about Hard Reset, I downloaded the demo and found it semi-enjoyable and for $29.99 would risk hoping the whole game is a fun ride.

So, I'd like people's opinions on these 3 and which you think I should go for. Thanks guys!
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