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Default Mandrake 9.0 and drivers

I've just installed mandrake 9 after installing nvidia drivers nuked my rh7.3 install, (I don't know, but it just really didn't work. I used the rpms and did everything right... ah well) and after updating the drivers this time around I appear to be having a whole new batch of troubles.

This time I installed all the source headers etc so I could just compile the drivers and be done with it (plus there are no precompiled rpms for mdk9.0)
un-taring and making the install all went fine, except for one notable message when making the kernel install:

os-interface.c:in function 'KernInitAGP'
os-interface.c:1294:assignment from incompatible pointer type

but despite this it said it installed successfully, and installing the GLX driver also went fine with no dramas (I tried doing the make files a second time later and the warning didn't occur.. i'm guessing the make files don't really compile anything the second time round. i was just desperate)

anyway, I made the appropriate modifications to XF86config-4 and rebooted - it appears to have a problem with the resolutions. everything appears to boot fine, except once I get into X the screen just switchs itself off. it sounds like it boots fine in the background, and using the ctrl-alt-del logout method seems to shut everything down gracefully.

if I look in the log file, I find the the nvidia driver has rejected all the default resolutions, and at the bottom it says the monitor is capable of 800x600 etc.

if I try and set the driver back to 'nv' it says kernel caught error 11 right after it tries to load glx.. but that's not the issue at the moment.

thanks for any help you can offer - I'll attach XF86config-4 and the log files if anyone wants a look.

Edit: bit more readable..
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