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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I really want to start playing this- but it's that $15 a month that is ruining it for me and honestly what killed it for me in WoW.

My best friend and his family play League of Legends quite regularly. I've not played it but from what I gather it is free to play. You can purchase items in game however to help build up your characters with real money or money earned in game. It takes longer by earning the gear and abilities, or you can just speed through and purchase everything with real cash.

From what I understand that is a system I more support. I honestly hope Star Wars heads that direction. I can't see a monthly subscription surviving much longer imo.

to be honest i prefer the $15 a month, instead of F2P, F2P is a gimmick IMO, because if you want to do anything you got to pay for it, and by the time you are done many times ended up spending way more. I also think buying items with real cash just ruins the experience, I hated when EQ2 started doing that.

To me I look at it as $15 a month is what 1 movie with popcorn maybe? and that only lasts what 2 hours?

If I play an average of 20 hours a week that is 80 hours a month, it really is peanuts in comparison.
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