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Default GT555M/2GB (10de:1247) question

There have been quite a lot of threads regarding this chip, but none of them show if we're are going to see support for these pci id in the official driver package or not any time soon. I found no commets from nvidia staff regarding the issue. And I haven't found an option to override the id check (well, I haven't tried disassembly, yet, but I will).
I understand that this is a custom modification thrown up by some laptop vendors (asus in my case), that got greedy to pop proper 3 GiBs, but as far as only the memory size is changed and the ids, adding support should be trivial for nvidia developers. (I'm not asking for full optimus crap support, just a way to start X & glx).
In my case, to make the long story short, is there any use of waiting for the features to be added, or better to get the laptop back where I got it and get myseft an amd/ati instead?

Thanks in advance.

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