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Default DVD playback, xv video and color correction?

Here's the setup. I just got a brand new DVD-ROM player (BUSlink, 48x read, 48x CD-R write, 24x CD-RW rewrite, 16x DVD), on the secondary IDE channel. It's all running in Debian Unstable, with kernel 2.6.0-test9 & NVidia driver 4496. The video card is a TNT2 M64. It's all running using straight ATAPI, without IDE-SCSI (since 2.6 can now do this).

I'm trying to use Xine (or MPlayer) to play DVD movies. The DVD player works perfectly, and Xine plays movies fine with the Xv drivers, but the video is too dark. For my desktop, I use some gamma correction to make the colors look right, but Xv appears to ignore them. I tried using video.XV_BRIGHTNESS and similar settings in ~/.xine/config to adjust things, but that does absolutely nothing (probably because the TNT2 code doesn't support this. (insert grumbling about how we wouldn't have this problem if NVidia released the driver source)) If I use the xshm drivers, I can do color correction and make the video look right, but xshm is jerky and has a lot of tearing (xv syncs with vertical retrace, xshm does not.)

Is there any way to color correct the xv drivers in xine, or do the equivalent in mplayer? I would really like smooth, non-sheared, color corrected movie playback, but I can't get them all at once.

Any suggestions? I'm not too terribly inclined to move up to the new NVidia drivers or a newer kernel without a really good reason, because right now everything works. I don't want to trade a small problem for a big one.
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