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Default Re: Xorg 2: from Debian turns 290.10 and Flash into a Bag of Hurt

Originally Posted by botio View Post
Actually it was not caused by the xorg update, I still had this problem after downgrading.
There was a libc6 update today, and the problem seems to be gone.

Edit: BTW the libc6 version that fixes the problem is eglibc 2.13-23
Did you re-upgrade after the eglibc 2.13-23 release?

I've got it and it's still leaking like a sieve.

With xorg-server 2: now in Experimental I'm not even bothering to touch Xorg until Nvidia fixes the tearing in Flash [if ever] or the sheer lag with each incremental update X produces that either breaks ABI for Nvidia or just makes everything slower.
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