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Default Re: ATi 7000 series delayed till Q1 2012

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Well, say what you will about it's value, but it's kinda embarassing that they introduced new architectures with the 40 nm process and beat Nvidia by a good 7 months there, then do it again at 28nm by several months too...
What I think is "embarassing" is people like you who look at inventions as something on a "schedule" where competitor's launches would EVER be synchronized for any reason other than company finished first holds back to see their competitor's product. I also think it's embarassing to assume that launching first is always best.

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Not bad for a company that's only worth petty cash according to you, and spin off the graphics division to one of their valet's where they eat lunch...
I'm only observing. I think when AMD bought ATi for $5b, they were worth $10b+ themselves. Today AMD+ATi is worth only $3.5b, a huge chunk of their employees gone, their fab gone, their mobile tech division gone, their pending lawsuit cash gone. If the ratio of value is still the same ATi is worth $1b on the open market. NVIDIA usually has that in the bank, no debt, and is worth $8-10b. Given all this, you tell me if ATi is a "big" conpany compared to NVIDIA?
You know, you keep talking about how "NVIDIA is in trouble"? Who does it look to you like they're "in trouble"? AMD/ATi will be lucky survive 2012, let alone put any of the successful companies "in trouble".

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
In fact, i'd call that Nvidia being incompetent at releasing new architectures with smaller fabrication processes in a timely manner to have an answer when AMD does, despite how big and rich they are according to you....
And yet these "incompetent" guys keep the discrete desktop market share, always make more money than ATi, always have the most powerful GPU, have had a better feature set for years, and have enough money in the bank to buy ATi should AMD choose to sell them.

I don't have any stock or employment ties with either company, but it's pretty easy to see who the "incompetent" firm is.

LOL- ATi are such schmucks their fans are reduced to arguments like "they use 10% less electricity!" or "But..but..their chips are cheaper to build!". It's mostly kind of pathetic.
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