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Default My review of the current "Humble Indie Bundle"

So I've finally jumped on a humble bundle. I paid more than the average, split 50% between developers and charity.

My thoughts on each game

Bit.Trip Runner

Wow am I'm in love with this game. Brutal, beautiful and addicting. Its a cross between a rhythm game and an 8 bit platformer. Jump, slide, kick and block your way through 3 different environments with each movement timed with a sound that creates the soundtrack. Graphically its colorful and distinct, each level could easily be ported to a 2d 8bit system. (there are bonus levels which are exactly this) The brutal is one mistake and its back to the front. And you must be precise at all times, even as some levels venture into 3 minute plus territory. For some this can lead to real frustration (although this never bothered me) Great game and still has not gotten old after 6 hours of play.


I ve spent 2 hours on this one and its another winner. Not as hard as bit.trip, not as addicting but certainly beautiful. Its a metal slug game crossed with an ultra violent version an action movie. (think The Rundown or Commando) Gameplay wise its a button masher with a ranged and melee attacks with a boss at the end of each level. There are a few special moves and a block and dodge mechanic but rarely do you have to use them. Story wise its a revenge story complete with well animated and voiced cut scenes. A really enjoyable game.

Super Meat Boy

The most well known and praised game of the bundle. I ve spent roughly a half hour on this one. Its brutal all right. Graphically its "meh". Controls are sharp. I just haven't gotten into it yet. Reviews are abound if you haven't heard of this one and want to know more about it. Edit. Just got to the second chapter, this game really is starting to grow on me. Fun.


A throwback bullet hell game with a wacky story. Coolest thing about this one is that you can have co op on one computer. (keyboard and controller controls are both excellent for this game) Gameplay is dodge and shoot at an insane amount of enemies while dodging an insane amount of projectiles. Battle through level to fight a boss, unlock next level. The wrinkle here is that you can only unlock the first three levels while playing on the "normal" difficulty level. I haven't unlocked the final three levels yet but I expect them to be insane. Fun game.


Played this for ten minutes. Move a ball through 2d levels. Borriingg. I'll give it another go again.

I haven't gotten a chance to play Cave Story+ or Gratuitous space battles. Will do so today.

My thoughts; Get this bundle. As long as you have a controller (I use my 360 controller for windows) you'll have a blast. Best thing about all of these games is that you can pick one up get right into it and you don't have to sink a lot of time into them.
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