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Default Re: ATi 7000 series delayed till Q1 2012

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
What I think is "embarassing" is people like you who look at inventions as something on a "schedule" where competitor's launches would EVER be synchronized for any reason other than company finished first holds back to see their competitor's product. I also think it's embarassing to assume that launching first is always best.

Holds back up to 6 months from now, since that's when the full high end kepler will be released....I thought Nvidia had nothing to fear from little old AMD, being this small little inconsequential company with no ability to ever challenge them, as Nvidia is larger, more diversified, has more money and have more resources available.

As for releasing early, you're right to a certain point if the difference is only a few weeks apart....When it could be up to 6 months for the single high end GPU version, and who knows when for the dual Kepler GPU version, thats another matter, as people will wait only for so long you know, as least those that don't care wich company has the best products for a given time period.

I've owned from both companies and currently own 3 GTX580's, but by no means i'm disregarding and frankly disrespecting the technical abilities of AMD as you constantly do in your own Pro Nvidia PR agenda canpaign....The only things i give my full loyalty is friends and family, not hardware companies in it to get my money above all else, something you seem to have forgotten, perhaps because of the free hardware they give you...

I'm only observing. I think when AMD bought ATi for $5b, they were worth $10b+ themselves. Today AMD+ATi is worth only $3.5b, a huge chunk of their employees gone, their fab gone, their mobile tech division gone, their pending lawsuit cash gone. If the ratio of value is still the same ATi is worth $1b on the open market. NVIDIA usually has that in the bank, no debt, and is worth $8-10b. Given all this, you tell me if ATi is a "big" conpany compared to NVIDIA?
You know, you keep talking about how "NVIDIA is in trouble"? Who does it look to you like they're "in trouble"? AMD/ATi will be lucky survive 2012, let alone put any of the successful companies "in trouble".

Heh, funny that, since Nvidia already lost their chipset business since the licence they had with intel to make chipsets doesn't apply to the latest generation of intel processors with built in memory controlers....It's also when their bull**** about there being specific technology with SLI that required an Nvidia based chipset fell apart completely...You only need a compatible bios and that's it.

Let's see what happends with AMD's APU's(selling like hot cakes, they can't make enough of them), and what that does to the lower end video card market that goes into budget OEM systems, as it's not as glamorous as the high end stuff, but given the huge volumes sold, it's what pays the bills....Nvidia will only have a similar product when they release their Denver processors in 2014(ARM based since intel didn't give them an X-86 CPU licence)...

Then there's Intel with their knights bridge and Knights ferry processors, wich aren't graphics processors per se like larrabee was, but full on general purpose processors that one adds into a PCI-e slot to help with math intensive applications that greatly outshine any CPU on the market, seems that the first one has over 80 CPU cores into a single die, and intel has the latest fabs as it making 22nm chips while Nvidia is still working on getting it's first 28nm chips out the door.....This particular product is aimed for massive computational ability, similar to the idea that Nvidia has with GP-GPU and cuda, even in super computers.

The future is more uncertain than ever Rollo, and that little saying from patrick moorehead(ex Intel CEO), applies here...."ONLY THE PARANOID SURVIVE"

And yet these "incompetent" guys keep the discrete desktop market share, always make more money than ATi, always have the most powerful GPU, have had a better feature set for years, and have enough money in the bank to buy ATi should AMD choose to sell them.

I don't have any stock or employment ties with either company, but it's pretty easy to see who the "incompetent" firm is.

LOL- ATi are such schmucks their fans are reduced to arguments like "they use 10% less electricity!" or "But..but..their chips are cheaper to build!". It's mostly kind of pathetic.

Do you know how many dumbasses buy Nvidia's lower end products simply because Nvidia has the faster higher end graphics at the time?, and somehow in their minds, that also translates into Nvidia having the best across their entire lineup of cards from high to low end....Far too many to count, and the same applies to OEM's if nothing else to help sales even if it isn't based on actual performance comparisons.....Ignorence truly is bliss in this case.
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