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Default Re: ATi 7000 series delayed till Q1 2012

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
You do realise just how many years you're been using that argument right?.....Let's just say that your "Expert" financial opinion doesn't count for much, always predicting the end of AMD/ATI is coming soon, yet they're still here much to your displeasure and a thorn on Nvidia's side when it comes to GPU's, and they're about to prove it one more time.

You talk out of your ass basically, and do it all the time when it comes to this issue, that it must be the longest running joke in the history of this forum period...
Well, we were talking about your predictions of doom for NVIDIA, but as you mention mine for ATi:

1. ATi sold their company after years of losing money and no longer exists. AMD bought their assets. The end of ATi already came.
2. AMD has been falling toward the same fate for years, they make stock analyst lists of companies not likely to survive the year, and the press (including their biggest fansites) wonder about their ability to go on. So I'm not exactly alone in my opinions there either.

You're the one starting "Here comes the pain" threads, and predicting doom for NVIDIA. I'm merely noting why it's not likely. I started this thread to note that the shift to a new die size was going to delay AMDs next gen part, which it did.

I guess if facts are a joke to you, laugh on.
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