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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by lIqUID View Post
I'm already kind of bored with this game at only level 17. Unless I find something that really, and I mean REALLY impresses me in the next 2 days I won't pick up my order and save the $60. I wasn't really into this game during the betas, and feel like it's just another case of same **** different wrapper.

I'll probably just wait the 15 years it will take GW2 to be released to fix the MMO itch for me.
That's a shame. I'm about to hit level 25 and I'm having an absolute blast. The story for my trooper is pretty awesome so far and because I'm more interested in the story than leveling sometimes I don't even notice that I did lol. Only thing I can't stand is the non bracketed pvp. Really dumb imo.
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