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Default How I install (compile) in Ubuntu 10.10 and Debian - has no nv driver

1.Boot up your distro
2.Put your driver in a easy directory Like Downloads
3.Press ctrl+alt+F1 at the same time, brings you to a command line screen.
4.Change to root sudo su
5. Ubuntu type stop gdm and press enter
6.Debian type /etc/init.d/gdm stop and press enter
7.Go to driver directory - cd is change dir - cd .. -will back up one directory - ls - will list contents-
that you type directories and filenames as seen - case sensitive
8.type ls and press enter - you should see your driver in the directory -
9.type sh and press enter - starts shell
10.type sh (name of driver) and press enter
something like
sh and press enter
11.push arrow keys and press enter to accept license agreement
12.POP-up will say distibution-provided pre-install script failed! continue yes or no -move to yes
and press enter
13.Pop-up will say building kernal module
searching for conflicting files
installing driver
14.POP-up will say would you like the nvidia-config utility to automatically update your X config file
so that nvidia x driver will be used when you restart X? move to yes and press enter
15 POP-up Your X configuration file has been successfully updated.Installation of driver is now complete.
ok is already highlighted just press enter.
16.Drops you back to shell. type exit and press enter.Takes you to root command prompt.
17.Ubuntu type reboot and press enter.
18.Debian type /etc/init.d/gdm start and press enter
19.Ubuntu live can type startx and press enter
20.This should reboot your distro - if not- reboot - from display
21.Open terminal port- command line terminal- and type nvidia-settings and press enter
your control settings will pop up
Hope this helps someone
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