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Default Re: Firefox 8.0 Final

I never understand why people have to use all these different web browsers. It is funny when I'm working on a computer at work and the owner acts as if they're uber-techs but just can't figure out what's wrong with their system. First thing I usually notice is they'll have some kind of torrenting software, or the likes for FrosWire on their system, then they'll have some kind of free anti virus, usually more than one, and on top of that they'll have every browser known to man with a crap-ton of add-ons installed.

And then they wonder why their computer is slow, crashes, they can't get online, etc.

Never have any issues what so ever. I just use IE9 with no add-ons, only using Norton360 (get it free via my prior job), and can't think of the last time I had issues with pop-ups, an infection, or my system was even remotely sluggish.

To each their own, however.
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