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Default Re: Thinking about an AMD system

I have an i5 system. I want to give this one to my son.


You sold me. I will put together a new i5 system with a faster chip.

Tanks guys. I was reading up on tom's hardware and they confirmed what you guys said.

Nice nugget of info here. That is exactly how I build computers. Just because you have the top of the line i7 doesn't mean you are getting any more performance now in gaming. A 4% increase in test is not worth the money IMO.
CPUs priced over $220 offer rapidly diminishing returns when it comes to game performance. As such, we have a hard time recommending anything more expensive than the Core i5-2500K, especially since this multiplier-unlocked processor can be overclocked to great effect if more performance is desired. Even at stock clocks, it meets or beats the $1000 Core i7-990X Extreme Edition when it comes to gaming.,3030-4.html
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