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Default Re: Syndicate banned in Australia

I think this all stems from the trailer vid, where the guy is basically just shooting everyone in the head, i.e. non-miltary personnel/civilians. Also the scene that frenchy2k1 mentons above, which I would certainly count in the "high impact" or "offensive to some people" category. It can't have put the game in a good light to any officals that saw that. Tbh, it makes me think of all the CoD:MW 2 constroversy all over again. It seemed to me to be a game without choice, where just shooting everyone is the goal, as that is how it was portrayed in the trailer to me, and that is probably the defining reason for them to ban it I guess. I doubt the ban will do much though, as people will have plenty of ways to get it through non-official channels.
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