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Default Re: How I install (compile) in Ubuntu 10.10 and Debian - has no nv driver

OK, I just did something similar in LMDE 11,Linux Mint 11
1.use synaptic package manager, search for nvidia,remove nouveau drivers,not the one that says common
3.synaptic again and search nvidia,install everything with nvidia 185 on it
5.synaptic again,remove all nvidia 185 drivers
7.then follow previous instructions
8.load nvidia 290 into downloads
9.hit ctrl+alt+F1 enter
10.go to root on command line
11.type stop gdm and press enter (gdm is gnome-display-manager)
12.go to driver directory
13.type sh and enter to go to shell
14. type and press enter
15.follow previous instructions on pop-ups
16.after last ok it will drop you back into shell,just type reboot and press enter
17.after reboot, you will find nvidia-settings in app list
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