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Default known problem with GeForce4MX?

is there a known problem with the GeForce 4MX series?

I experience a weirdness that I think is a heated issue (literally).

everything works perfectly, until ... well after a few hours X crashes totally with lots of Vertical blue lines that switch color every second in a recurrent scheme... reset is in order.

this problem didn't occur until I switched video card.

I first had a GeForce 2MX with no problems, except for burnt out TV-OUT, so I needed a new card.

I have had a replacement card (the exact same card), with exactly the same problem.

it seems that this only happens when the room is heated, and I noticed that the cooling plate is smaller on the GeForce4MX than on the GeForce 2MX, I though it might be a sort of design flaw that the card can't stand a little heat...

but just in case, I'd like to know if it could be driver related, don't have a windows to test it on or something similar... (i'm still using the 4363 driver)

in short what i'm asking for is, if anyone had any similar problems (vertical blue lines & crashing) with a similar card...

thanks for any help
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