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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
uopt, you really need to give us the full specs of your computer, being a single core does not tell us much. I can only assume that if you are still rolling around with a p4, or worse, then your 3d and memory requirements will be to weak as well.

Funny thing is that while the video requirements for SWTOR are nothing special, because of the launch crowds, your going to need a fast computer for all the on screen players in noob lands.
My windows gaming computer has a 3.1 GHz clocked CABNE Opteron. Since all other games that I play are single-threaded that served me very well and I don't plan to change it. I am confident that it will run TOR at an acceptable speed if I stay out of the crowds.

The question is will the engine refuse to even start? That is what I need to know, hence my simple question.

I seem to have to way of testing without forking over the money first.

560 Ti, 4 GB RAM, WinXP.

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