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Default Re: Firefox 9.0 Final

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Firefox is like Android, a new version every other week. What a joke.

Until Firefox becomes more lightweight and stops hogging my resources, then I may go back to it. Actually, until Chrome starts to suck real bad, then I'll go back to Firefox. The extensions for Chrome work just fine.
But Chrome started that!

Then again, Chrome did it right from the start and ensured that they created a stable plugin structure that would be transparent to updates.

Firefox has gotten much better with startup and memory usage, and they are integrating a memory cleanup/management tool in the near future. (I thought i was going to be in 9....). And Chrome honestly isn't much better. If you have a handful of extensions and tabs open, just try digging through your task manager in Windows. It's a nightmare.

Chrome is great out of the box and is likely the perfect browser for the vast majority of systems. Again, compare the bookmark management for Chrome and FF. FF is far better and that is important to me since I have a large number of bookmarks. Along those same lines, the Chrome version of Xmarks is very poor compared to the FF version.
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