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Default Re: ATi 7000 series delayed till Q1 2012

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I know everything is just rumors right now but so far I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up a 7870. Not launch- did that with the G80 8800GTS (got two of 'em for about $1100). Two weeks later prices were dropping and inventory strong. Think I'll wait a bit after launch, read reviews and allow the cards and drivers to mature a bit. But so far the 7870 seems the GPU for me- especially if they offer a 2GB version. 6970 with decreased power draw and heat output = win for me.

Curious- any rumors for APUs with 7000s series GPUs? If so, how far out?
Logic... Isn't your strong point is it...

How long do you think it will take you to make up the money spent on a new gpu in power savings?

Lets say that the 7870 costs $300, and uses 150 watts under 100% load.

The price of your current 5870 doesn't matter, but lets say it draws 250 watts under 100% load. That's 100 watts more than your 7870.

Now, if you were to have the GPU under 100% load, 24 hours a day, with a cost per kwh of an insanely high $0.20/kwh, it would cost you $1.2 a day, or $36 a month to run your 5870. Compare that to the 7870 at 150 watts, 100% load, it would cost you $0.72 a day, or $21.6 a month. That is an amazing savings of $14.4 a month. To break even on the 7870 cost, it would take you 20.8 months.

That is just the worst case scenario. If you drop the cost of the kwh to a much more reasonable $0.10/kwh, you are looking at 41.6 months to break even. As you can imagine, since you don't run your GPU 24/7 that it will take you much longer than 41 months to break even.
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