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Default Re: ATi 7000 series delayed till Q1 2012

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Logic... Isn't your strong point is it...

How long do you think it will take you to make up the money spent on a new gpu in power savings?

Lets say that the 7870 costs $300, and uses 150 watts under 100% load.

The price of your current 5870 doesn't matter, but lets say it draws 250 watts under 100% load. That's 100 watts more than your 7870.

Now, if you were to have the GPU under 100% load, 24 hours a day, with a cost per kwh of an insanely high $0.20/kwh, it would cost you $1.2 a day, or $36 a month to run your 5870. Compare that to the 7870 at 150 watts, 100% load, it would cost you $0.72 a day, or $21.6 a month. That is an amazing savings of $14.4 a month. To break even on the 7870 cost, it would take you 20.8 months.

That is just the worst case scenario. If you drop the cost of the kwh to a much more reasonable $0.10/kwh, you are looking at 41.6 months to break even. As you can imagine, since you don't run your GPU 24/7 that it will take you much longer than 41 months to break even.
This is all purely off of rumors. I'm not expecting to make up the money spent in power savings. All of these unknowns are a major reason why I'm not buying at launch as I've already stated- I'm going to "let the dust settle" so to speak and se where things lay. As it stands, however, the 7870 is the GPU for me. If I'm consuming less power than this 5870 while not sacrificing any performance that's a win for me. Furthermore, idle power draw for the 7800s is rumored to be around 3 watts from the slides I've seen. Kinda' unbelievable in my opinion but that's less than this 5870. Peak power consumption we don't have any numbers on for the 7870.

Originally I was thinking of getting the 7770 but there's no talk of such a GPU. It seems as though the 7870 is the "7770".

Anyhow, another possibility is after launch I'm just not wowed by the cards. In which case I'll just keep my 5870. As an experiment I dropped the GPU and Memory speeds as low as CCC would allow me. Only game I've played is DX:HR so far but this 5870 still plays that exceptionally well all items in-game maxed. I'm not forcing anything via CCC other than clock speeds. Soon as I finish this run-through of DX:HR I'm going to test Crysis like this... all of this mostly done for curiousity. But if I am able to play all the games I enjoy with an underclocked 5870... why get rid of it? It just shows I'm not hitting any kind of bottleneck. Yet.

Anyhow, if logic isn't my strong point assumptions must be yours. I've not made up my mind on anything evident by the fact I'm waiting till after launch. My main concern never was a performance increase but instead a reduction of power consumption and heat output. If the 7 series doesn't deliver what I'm hoping for I'll not buy anything and just hold onto this 5870. More money to put on other items... like replacing my 6 year old PSU or maybe a significantly larger SSD or two... lots of other things that money could be put towards.
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