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Default Re: Thinking about an AMD system

I'll be building some AMD systems in the coming months. My best friend has 4 gaming rigs, but all very old by the standards of the members here. His oldest is my old Opteron 185 @ stock, with 3GB of RAM and my old 4870. Right now finances are a bit tight for all of us so he's concerned with issues such as power consumption. He's fine with using that 4870 for now but really wants something much more economical. Only game he really plays currently is League Of Legends with his two sons.

So I told him about AMD's APUs and he wants to try one. I don't know that the 6650 on the top-end APU will compare very well to the 4870 he already has... worse case scenerio is I just do crossfire with the APU's GPU and 4870. Under clock the 4870 to help save on electricity usage but with the additional 800 Stream Processors and 512MB framebuffer on the 4870 combined with the 6650 that should be more than playable for a game like league of legends.

Anyhow, probably gonna' wait till January before purchasing the APU and mobo as I want to see if any word of APU's using the 7-series GPUs crop up. It'd be great to get a quad core APU with say a 7670 GPU on it. Be enough graphics horse power where my friend wouldn't need a dedicated graphics card for the most part.

Also gonna' build an APU based system for my parents as they're presently running my old s939 FX-60 based system with 4GB of RAM. Figure an upgrade to a quad core and that 6650 on the APU, maybe 6GB of DDR3 RAM, and an SSD should make for a speedy system that'd last them a long time.

Looking forward to building these. Definitely not enthusiast gaming rigs but they'll serve their purposes just fine. Besides, I've always been intrigued by AMD's APUs.
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