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Default Re: ATi 7000 series delayed till Q1 2012

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Hey! We agree on something Roadie. I'm always bewildered when someone mentions electricity savings as a factor as well.

I offered to sell a coworker a 50" 720P plasma the other day for $250, and he replies "Don;t those uise a lot of electricity?!" and doesn't buy it. Meanwhile he watches his old style tube tv with a much smaller picture and probably close to the same juice used.

Electricity is way too cheap here to be a factor on anything unless you're literally watching every nickel- in which case you should be gaming on a Nintendo DS, not a computer.
If I owned where I lived electricity consumption would not concern me.

However I do not. I'm renting from my best friend. And I don't care enough about this to argue over it with him. If he wants me to have a small electric foot print even when it seems illogical then I'll do so. It really doesn't matter.

Not only that I've yet to find a game in my library that this 5870 can't play at 1920 x 1200. Only play DX:HR right now but even while underclocked as far as CCC will allow this 5870 demolishes DX:HR all maxed in-game settings. Well, my opinion of "demolishes" that is. Haven't had fraps running while playing but I've yet to see any slow downs that have interfered with gameplay.

If the 7 series doesn't offer what I'm hoping for, I'll just not upgrade.

It's amazing how quickly "know-it-alls" such as your self jump to conclusions. Why is my decisions of any concern to you? I see your post as nothing more than bait to attempt to build up nVidia some how- you always seem to have an agenda to that end.
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