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Default Long term issue with VDPAU, ubuntu 9.10, driver version: 260.19.04

After running 4/5 days of a video sequence (same video decoded and rendered) I am not getting any response from VDPAU api calls like the one below:

VDPAU capture: Enabled
vdp_imp_device_create_x11(0x7fc88430eaa0, 0, -, -)

it just sits there.

What could be the culprit? The cpu based decode and openGL based render seems to be ok.

I am using an ION-2 based system, 2 gig of ram, 1gb video ram, ubuntu 9.10, driver version 260.29.04
Is it VDPAU resource exhaustion? If thats the case, is there a way to recover the resources by resetting the VDPAU pipeline?

nvidia-bug-report log file attached.
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