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Default Re: delays/hangs when switching console -> Xorg w/ composition

Hi @all.

First of all, I think the recent support NVIDIA has given us is rather shameful and kinda looks like "we are only dealing with issues we are comfortable with". So I am pinging this up and I hope that a dev has something useful to say. After all, everyone in this forum paid good money for their cards and can expect them to work more or less flawlessly - and that includes the composite extension. Saying one should deactivate it (the standard recently), is really absolutely not helpful, to say the least. And to be totally blunt, if NVIDIA wants to cut back on the resources allocated to the Linux driver development, maybe they should stop it altogether, release the specs and help nouveau become a serious alternative/standard. Or people might think twice next time they are out to purchase a new card - after all, the AMD open source stack is maturing slowly but it is evolving steadily.

@RobertMassaioli: Unfortunately I cannot test it easily as I cannot login to my box remotely while it hangs due to a lack of another system.

Merry Christmas to @all...
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