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Default Re: ATi 7000 series delayed till Q1 2012

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
You did post your power draw concern in a public forum where anyone can read and reply to what you said.
I do apologize if I came across as rude- not my intent.

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
TBH, when I saw your post my first instinct was to post "Are you CRAZY?!" because we've discussed your finances and you have a pretty good card now in the 5870.

The only reason I didn't is because I didn't want a bunch of "Teh devil Rollo is telling a guy who wants to buy an ATi card not to!" posts.

If you really feel like you're missing something with the 5870, nab a 6950 for cheap once these parts launch in a couple weeks. At 19X10 and console optimized games $500 video cards are waste on the order of cocaine for you.

Happy Holidays Redeemed, and no offense intended. Mostly I was just shocked I agree with Roadie on the power issue.
Thanks Rollo- happy Holidays to you as well.

I dunno... read some reviews of the 7970 and I know with future drivers there will be some improvements, but I'm thinking the 7870 won't bring anything significant over my 5870. Unless the 7870 reviews really wow me I guess I'll be keeping my 5870.

Cards aren't even out yet, and the drivers in the reviews were beta. Just gotta' wait a bit after launch and see how these cards shape up. So far, I'm leaning towards keeping this 5870.
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