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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

How many here would say this launch was impressive if it was NVIDIA launching this part? Anyone?

Saying this launch is successful is saying "We expect AMD parts to be in second place for most of their lifecycle, they cannot be expected to produce the best GPU!".

Supposedly they had given up the "cheaper, smaller, about as good strategy" here and produced a big monolithic GPU that people wouldn't have to "settle for" according to their press deck. That will be the case exactly the number of days until kepler launches, then it's back to "about as good and cheaper" and from the looks of things this will be more of a 2900XT vs 8800GTX situation. NVIDIA only has to hit 50% faster to be 25-30% faster than this part.

NVIDIA always hits 50% faster on next gen. The bar was just higher for AMD here- to become a market leader they needed to make a part that is 50% faster than their competition's last gen- at least. If they're content to follow and sell for lower margins when their competition launches, they succeeded.
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