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Default Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
Can't you just make dozens of new accounts and gift it to the main one?
Nope, it doesn't work like that. Free 2 Play accounts can't trade from what I've heard, not even the Coal.

I have a 50% off Valve games coupon and a 33% off Valve games coupon, as well as a 50% off Nuclear Dawn coupon.

I don't need any of these, but what I do want to do is get 3 more pieces of STEAM Coal. I don't care about the contest (I never win sh*t, not even those "under the cap" prizes from colas). I just want to craft 7 Coal to see what I get.

I know, it's stupid. I just like gambling...probably why I've done half the crazy sh*t in my lifetime.

So, if anyone has any Coal they don't want, or if they want to trade for a coupon mentioned above, let me know or send me a trade request.
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