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Default Re: Dissapointed with Sandy Bridge in general

Originally Posted by Shatmusket View Post
Windows power settings?
I set to High Performance. Basically it always throttle to 1200Mhz no matter what setting i put in Bios. If i disabled Turbo, Overclocking is disabled and even then with C6, C3, Speedstep, C1E disabled still throttles to 1200Mhz on idle and on load goes to full speed but sometime a bit less than full speed if game is more GPU demanding. Of course voltage is all over the place along the way. In game like Crysis 2 all cores go to full speed of 4.6Ghz.

There are two explanations:

1. Sandy Bridge - E power management is different than 2000K series
2. Some bug with Bios

Some people like power saving option but i don't care. I always run CPU at full overclock speed regardless computer being on idle or load. I never had CPU failure of course as long as voltage and temperature is at reasonable level. Infact any voltage spike is not good for any electrica component. Overclocked CPU at full speed and steady voltage will last longer than this crap, nothing that we will encount during its usage since it will be replaced before it actually any potential failure happens.
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