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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
It's not hard to understand Roadie.

50% better than last gen's best GPU is generally considered "good".

25% is considered "meh".

Why do you want to compare the BeefdozerII to the year old GTX580, but hold the 780 to the BeefdozerII standard of performance? Because it makes the Beefdozer II look like less of a faceplant, that's why.

We should compare 780 to 6970 by your "logic", except the 70%+ performance gains it will likely offer over 6970s again doesn't make your team look very competent.

Personally, I'd rather wait a few months for a card that's a real step forward than get basically the same thing I could have overclocking my 3Gb GTX580.
Guess the 580 is ultra meh then... Only 18% over a 480 which came out 6 months before the 580. If nvidia picks up another 18% over the 580, it will still get beat by the 7970.

So, what should a 7970 be compared to? The 580 is only 1 month older than a 6970 so seems fair that the 7970 should be compared to both as there really is nothing else to compare it to.

And yes, when the 780 comes out, it will obviously be compared to the 7970 and 580.

Also, the Hardocp review did use an overclocked 580(11% OC), and the 7970 was still 20%+ faster on average. Give the 7970 that same overclock and that 20% will turn into 30%+ because we all know how great the 7970 scales overclocked.
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