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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
I'd say that PhysX is even more niche than 3d gaming... Few titles use it and the ones where it could really help immersion are done on a CPU physics engine instead.
I agree that it's pretty niche, and I think if you don't care enough about it, then AMD offers some amazing products in terms of price/performance/power consumption. I'd actually prefer GPU accelerated PhysX be platform independent; I think it's annoying that it's not.

The driver argument while I can't say I fully agree with is being addressed. The main thing is that they did finally get around to allowing custom profiles much like Nvidia. This should really help for CFX users and getting new titles to work.
I have noticed that the quality of the drivers has gone up, but I still much prefer nVidia's driver support. Part of that could just be that I've mostly used nVidia products and so I have a level of familiarity, but I just have this sense that things are quite as refined with AMD drivers.
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