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Default Re: What would you do with a Raptor?

Originally Posted by PaiN View Post
A friend of mine gave me a new 160gb WD Raptor(nice guy, eh ). I'm not sure what to do with it. I currently run a pair of WD Blacks in RAID 0 as my main partition with the OS, data and games, back-up to a 1Tb drive and downloads to a USB HD.
I'm not sure if the Raptor would do best as a dedicated OS drive or if I should just plunk it in as space for games?
What would you do with it...?
My Caviar Black 2TB is faster, higher capacity, and lower price than even the best raptor.

I don't know which model of Caviar Black you have, but I'd wager to guess that yours sits somewhere in the same league, especially in a raid 0 configuration, which mine is not.

Raptors had their day in the sun, but now they have passed their prime. SSD's have taken their place in that niche. I use a Vertex 3 for application space and the Caviar Black for bulk media.
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