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Originally Posted by hirantha View Post
I love the game but man! i can't stand the fact that healing class (Jedi Sage) gets only two healing skills even at lvl 20. And to top it off the casting time of those are over 1sec long..

WTH man how the hell am i supposed to keep a full group up with just 2 healing skills and over 1 sec long casting time. 1st one is 1.5 sec and the 2nd skill is 2.5sec.. WTFFFFFF....

Hope they fix this in a patch. SOON!!!
11 points in your skill tree is an instant cast heal. You also have skill points that lower the casting time of your other heals before that.

I gotta say the crafting in this game is going to spoil me with future MMO's. Being able to send your companions out on missions and let them craft stuff while I do the fighting is just plain awesome. People keep saying this game brings nothing new to the table, but between crafting, companions, group dialogue, and the story, this is the most refreshing MMO I've played in years. So far I've yet to find a class or story I haven't liked. Most MMO's I find a class or two and stick with it, this one I want to play them all.

My only gripe thus far is that I want to experience all of the content while I'm still in the level range to do it and it's not going to be possible. I was level 26 on my BH when I hit Nar Shaddaa and now I'm 28. Quests are starting to grey out on me and the mobs are well below my level. It's kinda a bummer to be blowing through mobs that can't hurt me and to get rewards that are well below what I'm already wearing.

At the same time that speaks to how much fun I'm having, in a typical MMO I'd just skip the zone and move on, but in this one I want to see what happens next on each planet.
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