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Default Re: Cheap 775 cooling?

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
OK Ive got this
I will proboably dissapoint You but I bought other products than You recommended:P
Looks good, How much$ ?
Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
The case fan will take the air out from the back. I will also remove that side tube and leave big hole in that case so hopefully enough air will be sucked in.
Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
About that cpu fan. Which way to install it? and how much silk to apply?
Which way?? Are you kidding??? ..The cupped part of the fins should be facing towards the back of the case, Put the fan so its pushing air through the fins of the heatsink not pulling air through the fins at the front side of the heatsink nearest the ram...

How much depends what it is, Follow specific instruction method for your CPU and the brand of thermal interface material.

Filling in any gaps between the pipes and the sink with goop has been recommended for direct contact heatsinks such as this but it would depend on what you are using
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