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Default Re: Bethesda, most embarassing CPU optimization of the decade

x87?! OH lol

I don't mind console ports per se. However, when it's obvious there was no effort made to take advantage of PC when only a bit of an effort would've been required resulting in poor performance. I work hard for my money; I'm not just going to give it away. Developers have to earn my money.

I'm a programmer by trade. The sad thing is there probably would've had to be a small amount of extra coding and then go into the options of the compiler to check the boxes off for the CPU options. Wham bam. Optimized code.

Add to all of this the fact the screen shots suggest the graphics aren't hardly any better than Oblivion's. I mean, this game is DX9 based, right? Why don't we all start wearing bell bottom jeans so we can all look like hippy fag shaggers?

I was kicking around getting this game. Forget it. Or if I do get it, I'll wait until it hits the bargain basement bin, around the $15 price or so.
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