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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Well, i ordered 3 of the new samsung SyncMaster LS27A850DS 27IN Widescreen LCD's that support 2560*1440 resolution, wich uses their PLS display tech wich is comparable to e-IPS panels for image quality, color accuracy, viewing angles and backlight bleed, and uses LED backlighting rather than CCFL, like the Dell U2711.

Each cost me 849$ so cheap they are not(2600$ total with shipping and insurance), and as a final hail to what 3 GTX580's in triple SLI, water cooled can really do, i intend to push them to the limit, benchmarking games at 7680*1440 resolution at the highest possible quality settings while aiming for 60 Fps average results....

Keep in mind my cards are running at 950 Mhz clocks, so not the garden variety air cooled super clocked editions running at 850 Mhz here, so it's pretty much the best case scenario barring hitting memory limitations as they are 1.5 GB versions, wich i expect to see once i crank on the AA on top of that insane resolution anyhow...

This is not just for information for general purposes in this forum, but also to set a baseline for myself once the GTX580's are replaced and i perform the same acid test on the new cards too, and see the differences and how large they are....I've had enough of benchmarking with monitors that "only" do 1920*1080 thanks(even if it's 3 of them), so it's time to crank that up a couple of notches....

You will only prove that for the .00000001% of users who have $2600-$3500 worth of monitors it's handy to have 3GB of VRAM. (which we all knew anyway)

Should be a nice surround set though!
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