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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
You will only prove that for the .00000001% of users who have $2600-$3500 worth of monitors it's handy to have 3GB of VRAM. (which we all knew anyway)

Should be a nice surround set though!

Then why get all worked up with having as much memory on a video card as possible when using only a single display?...

I know i'll use a lot more memory for frame buffer, and AA and probably textures too, and it will force the GPU's much harder, but it's in the most difficult scenarios where you really see wich is more powerfull overall, and the need for faster GPU's presents itself the most.

But you are right that displays like these are expensive and apply to a very small minority unfortunately....Hopefully they'll get more affordable as time goes on, as display makers have been content on 1080p for years now, and the funny part of it is that 3rd generation tablets are probably going to be pretty close to 1080p resolutions, yet they're only 12 inches across and are relatively cheap since it's a full working conputer for under 1000$....

How about using some of that display technology used in tablets on a 24 or 27" screen, wich is what Samsung did with the displays i'm getting, as it's the same display technology used on the galaxy tab 10.1 tablet....Heck even the ipad 2 tablet uses an IPS display made by LG and both have gorgeous image quality that way better than TN based panels.
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