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Default Suse Linux 9 and GEForce FX 5200 Video Card

I am a complete Linux newbie (I successfully installed Red Hat 7 years ago and used it only occasionally). I would like to try learning linux again and I am contemplating installing Suse 9 on my new desktop. Naturally, it has a GeForce FX 5220 video card. My system appears to meet all other hardware requirements, except the video card. My review of the Suse hardware database does not show it listed as compatible; of course, it does not list it as incompatible either.

Question 1: Will Suse 9 work with this card? If so, will Suse 9 simply recognize it during installation?

Question 2: If I will need to install additional drivers, how do I do that? Is it too complicated for a total newbie?

I would really like to install the OS to learn how to use it. I don't anticipate doing games or other high intensity graphic work. Thanks in advance!
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