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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Hopefully Anandtech or PRAD will review them soon. Those are very interesting screens for sure!

I just thought that when you're already investing heavily in new displays, you'd consider getting better ones, for example 10 bit S/P-IPS panels. And not just something that is equivalent to entry level IPS panels.
But of course they're faster, that's important as well.

I tried to find a compromise by getting the HPs - superb panel and no image processor (meaning no lag, which is usually higher than the response time anyway).

Hardware canucks were pretty impressed with them, and the review was pretty extensive and even though samsung rates them at conforming to 100% sRGB, they actually exceed it and have the best contrast of any panel they've reviewed, and very consistent in the variations in backlighting across the entire panel too(only 14%)

Add the 5 Ms response time and nearly perfect gamma and wide viewing angles.....I don't mean to say they're the best, but they are aimed for the professional market( including photography using a colorimeter) and pretty well suited for gaming as an extra bonus, and as the review stated, buyers would be hard pressed to find better for under 950$...That's saying a lot right there.

I'm sure your displays are awsome too, as they're intended for the most demanding and precise work possible....No more TN crap for me either, even if it's much cheaper..
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